Help and Support

i) I forgot my password. Follow the forgot password link from the login screen to reset your password.
If you are still having problems logging in, please get in touch with us at our email:
[email protected]

ii. How can I change my password?
log in and go to Profile & Settings, or reset your password if you have forgotten it

iii. I can’t log in, or I don’t have access to my registered email access
if you can’t reset your password, get in touch, and we can help

Why should you pay a membership fee when there are free alternatives?
Possible Love Match provides the best chance of meeting someone serious about an honest relationship. You are more likely to meet a committed person who has the same medical condition as yourself
Our team will manage our growing community by;
i) check new profiles to ensure that they are genuine and of good quality
ii) our technical developers will ensure the site runs safely and smoothly
iii) we are continually developing new features to help you connect more easily with other single users
iv) we work to continually improve how our members can interact on this platform and make meaningful connections
v) we will use social media to encourage and stay up-to-date on ways that improve and give you the best chance of finding your match
vi) we will try to protect your privacy by following the best privacy practices and not allowing external advertisers on the site and breach your data
vii) Finally, we will build a sustainable and growing community where our users can feel safe, and our fees will be reinvested in further improvements to ensure the best functioning of our site. For more information, Please get in touch with us at our email:
[email protected]

How can I cancel my full subscription membership?
it’s simple, you can do this without contacting us. go to profile & settings and cancel your subscription
It’s important- you don’t need to contact your bank to cancel your subscription and stop future payments from being taken. Cancel through settings to avoid a chargeback being issued. This can permanently close your account with your Possible Love Match.

If you are disappointed or wish to make a complaint about another user, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us through email at [email protected]